My professional services encompass consulting, public speaking, training and facilitation on the areas of multicultural identity, diversity leadership, creating an inclusive environment, and intercultural and interreligous understanding.


Jen is an engaging public speaker, who ensures that she connects with and encourages participation from her audience. She has been invited to speak at conferences and universities all around the world and regularly speaks on a range of topics.


Uniquely situated at the intersection between scholarship and practice, Jen brings a lively, research-informed practice approach to her consultancy work. She not only shares her own research but is also adept at translating cutting edge scholarship into practice. She aims to bring the best possible mix of leading edge theory and practice together to assist organisations in moving ahead. 


In my training, I empower participants using two unique approaches: Reflexivity and Conversation Circle.

  • Through the practice of reflexivity, I help participants to consciously shift their lenses in order to look at things from different perspectives.

  • I create conversation circles to facilitate dialogue among participants. The cicle is a safe space where participants can surface their assumptions without being judged.




  • Workplace Diversity

  • Multicultural Workforce

  • Cultural Integration

  • Interracial and Interreligious Relations

  • Indonesian Culture and Society

  • Indonesian Language

  • Business Etiquettes in Asia

  • Intercultural Communication


Training and Facilitation


  • Diversity Leadership Development

  • Uncovering Power and Privilege

  • Strategies in Accommodating Differences (race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and disability)

  • Multicultural Identity Development

  • Interracial and Interreligious Dialogue

  • Creating an Inclusive Environment 

  • Developing Reflexive Leadership


Public Speaking


  • Diversity in Asia

  • Religion and Secularism

  • Contested Identities

  • Multiculturalism

  • Asian Philanthropy

  • Religious Fundamentalism

  • Diversity and Difference

  • Multicultural Education


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