Research Publications


I have published books, journal articles, book chapters, op-ed articles and commentaries on topics related to identity, multiculturalism, religion, education and business.


I deploy an interdisciplinary approach to research. My research method reflects an ensemble of social science approaches from sociology, anthropology, business, history, politics and education. I have collaborated on research projects with colleagues across academic disciplines all around the world: in Australia, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, France, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei Darussalam. 


My research on the Chinese identity in Indonesia has foregrounded a novel conceptualization of non-essentialist Chineseness based on the notion of cultural hybridity. I have also examined other aspects of Chinese identity in Indonesia pertaining to the cultural politics of Chinese festivals, philanthropy, education, business and religion.


I am one of the first scholars to theorize multiculturalism in post-Suharto Indonesia. My current research on multiculturalism in Indonesia focuses on multicultural education and religious citizenship. My ongoing research on multiculturalism is intertwined with my work on religious pluralism and Christianity in Indonesia.