In The Media


I believe that academics should be more than just armchair thinkers confined to the ivory tower of the university. I have made myself available to communicate knowledge to the public by giving public talks and lectures, commenting on social affairs in the media, and participating in dialogue with civil society and state institutions.


I regularly give interviews and commentary on social issues in the media. I have been cited in more than 100 news reports by various international presses, and made several appearances on television and radio stations.


2014, “Tolerance and Intolerance”, Future Forward (Channel News Asia), 4 Nov.


2013, Featured Program on Chinese Diaspora, SBO TV, Surabaya, Indonesia, 3 March.


2010, “Integration of foreigners in Singapore”, Singapore Talking (Channel 5), 19 December.


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2018, “Voices of Faith”, ABC Radio, Australia, 7 December.

2013,  “Education in Indonesia”, SBS Radio (Indonesian), Australia, 15 May.


2013, “Chinese Identity in Post-Suharto Indonesia”, Stratos FM, Indonesia, 24 February.


2011,  “Chinese New Year around the World: Indonesia”, China Radio International, 25 January.


2010,  “Social Cohesion Efforts in Singapore”, 938 LIVE, 25 January.


2008, “Chinese Indonesians”, 93.8 FM Singapore, 5 December.


2008, “Indonesia 10 Years after Suharto”, SBS Radio, Australia, 9 May.


I have been interviewed and cited by the following presses:


Bloomberg News

The Telegraph

The Diplomat

The Straits Times

Asia Times Online

South China Morning Post

China Daily Asia Weekly

The International Chinese Newsweekly

People’s Daily Online

The Jakarta Post


The Jakarta Globe

Antara News

Warta Ekonomi

Suara Pembaruan

Jakarta Media News

Islam Indonesia

Medan Business Daily

Andalas Daily

Indonesia Raya News

Indonesia Shang Bao


Berita Harian

My Paper

Lianhe Zhaobao

Borneo Bulletin

United Daily News


In 2013, I was featured in a seven-page exclusive interview coverage in Nabil Forum, 6th Edition (Jan-Jun), pp. 23-29. The  article is entitled, “Ketionghoaan bersifat dinamis, cair dan situasional: Wawancara dengan Dr Chang-Yau Hoon” [Chineseness is dynamic, fluid and situational: Interview with Dr Chang-Yau Hoon".


In 2012, a leading Indonesian newsmagazine, Gatra, published an eight-page review article on my book, Chinese Identity in Post-Suharto Indonesia. The article is entitled, “Portret Indonesia-Tionghoa: Ambiguitas di Tengah Era Kebebasan” [The Portraits of Chinese Indonesians: Ambiguity admist Feedom], Gatra, 13-19 December, pp.47-54.


In 2010, I was interviewed for two articles in the leading International Chinese Newsweekly, Yazhou Zhoukan, on “Mandarin in Indonesia: Baptism of Fire” and “Obstacles in Chinese Indonesians Political Participation”, published on August 1.